Makinoto hot spring

The water source gushing from inside the grounds

The water source gushing from inside the grounds “Makinoto Hot Spring,”
was named after Maki Yuko, a Japanese climber who lead an
expedition to Mt. Manaslu. The smell of sulfur floats in the air,
and hot spring minerals float in the translucent hot
water in this hot spring overflowing with rural beauty


The open-air bath

Scent of sulfur with source draw hanging outdoor bath
There is also a public bath.
Please enjoy plenty of hot water.

Makunoto Hot spring

《 Guidance available 》

location -Sensui- First floor (Makunoto-no-yu)
The bath is divided into areas for men and women
Area Bath : indoor bath 20〜30 people,
open pit 15〜20 people
Washing place :10 shower
Usable times From check-in to check-out

《 Use of the bathing only 》

Usage fee Adults ¥500
Children (4 〜 12 years old ) ¥400
Usable times 12:00〜20:00

・ The usable times may change depending on the circumstance.
・ Mountain climbing groups of over ten persons will be discounted.
Please makes enquiries for details. tel +81-973-79-2211

Tengai Hot spring

An indoor hot spring made with Japanese cypress and a rock made hot spring

Large public and open air bath for guests.
An indoor hot spring made with Japanese cypress
and a rock made hot spring

Tengai Hot spring

《 Usable times 》

location An indoor hot spring made with Japanese cypress and a rock made hot spring
Area Bathtub : indoor bath 10 people
open pit 5〜6 people
Washing place :3 shower
Usable times 0:00~24:00

Natural 100% Tengai hot spring
There are indoor and open air baths for men and women separately, and they are also available at nighttime.
※Guest is a large bath , open-air bath dedicated .

About Makinoto hot spring

Curative Effects

Source name Kuju Kanko Hotel Makinoto Hot Spring
Seep areas 230 Tano, Kokonoe-machi, Kusu-gun, Oita
Spring quality Simple sulphur springs
Spring up Celsius 64°
Characteristics No hydrogen or sulfur smell
Indication Chronic rheumatoid arthritis, Nerve pain, Neuritis, Chronic skin disease
Contraindications of bathing All kinds of acute disease,Advanced heart disease and progressing diseases.

Hot spring instructor

The establishment uses master staff qualified by the Japanese center for health development and Oita prefecture to give you a safe and reassured bathing experience.

Protected against legionella pneumophila or other bacteria

Chlorine is not used in the spring water on the establishment’s grounds.
legionella pneumophila is tested for regularly and has never been detected.


shampoo/conditioner/body soap・soap/Face lotion/Lotion/Hair dryer

The history of Makinoto hot spring

『The origin of the hot spring’s name』
Makinoto Hot Spring comes from Maki Yuko

Makinoto Hot Spring was called “Saruwatari” from long ago.In Meiji 1904 it was opened by Naka Hiroto as Nakano Hot Spring, and became widely known as a curative mud bath.

Then, in Showa 1956, the current Kuju Kanko Hotel founder, Mitsugu Matsunaga, took over the rights to the old hot spring and restarted it as Makinoto mountain lodge.

Since even before the highway to the lodge was built, it has been very crowded with mountain climbers from the climbing boom of that time aiming for the Kuju mountains.

A mountain climber from that boom, Maki Yuko (Showa 1958), visited the hot springs on his way to Kuju mountains and was very fond of them, and since then it has become famous, giving it the name Makinoto after him.

Even after that time, Maki visited the hot spring on countless occasions while visiting the rhododendrons in bloom.
(1894 to 1989) Maki Yuko: mountain climber, important cultural contributor, and third Japanese to lead a climbing expedition to Mt. Manaslu.

In 1956 at Kuju mountains The late Maki Yuko and Matsunaga Mitsugu
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Dish Makinoto Hot Spring Guest Room
Dish Makinoto Hot Spring Guest Room
The hotel is particular about using safe and local ingredients from Oita prefecture.
The water source gushing from inside the grounds “Makinoto Hot Spring,”
The mountain surface is rich in negative ions, offering a peace of mind and space that welcomes everyone